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Michael Chadwick is a Lecturer in Environmental Geography at King’s College London. His research explores both applied and basic ecological questions related to aquatic ecosystems. Past and current projects have focused on understanding how ecosystem structure and function, specifically related to aquatic organisms, respond to changes in environmental conditions. More specifically, his work has examined a range of environmental stressors that operate at a range of spatial scales from regional-scale nitrogen deposition to catchment-scale urbanization. During his time at UNC, Michael will conduct a meta-analysis which seeks to identify global patterns of urbanization effects on aquatic ecosystems. One of the main aims is to explore how conflicts between water for people and water for other purposes influence aquatic ecosystem health.

Michael earned a BS in Environmental Science at Cook College, Rutgers University. While at Rutgers University, he was employed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to monitor streams, lakes, and estuaries in the Northeastern United States. He has an MS in Zoology (Auburn University) and a PhD in Ecology and Environmental Science (University of Maine). He has also worked as postdoctoral researcher at the University of Alabama and the University of Plymouth.